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Pop Art Prints Transform an Edinburgh Home

“I don't just want to go to IKEA and get a pebble picture...” said Steph Craig when she called us four years ago about buying some art for the Victorian ground-floor flat she shares with her three children, “...but we aren't art experts, and we don't have a big budget!”. “Don't worry”, we said, “just enjoy discovering what you really like.” And they did. Slowly, as finances allowed, they added over a dozen prints to their art collection, transforming a traditional tenement flat into a beautiful, highly personalised space.


This print really makes a statement as you come in to the flat. It was a bit of a tricky space to fill being behind the front door, but Steph knew she could return the print and choose something else if it didn't fit. It works perfectly. Peter Phillips Turbularatio (1972)

Simple picture frames and original stripped floors help create an 'art gallery' style walk-through. Halls can be a bit dark and boring, but this one certainly isn't! LEFT: Patrick Hughes Steps & Ladders (1981) RIGHT: Gerald Laing Triple (1965)

Art doesn't have to be serious – we love the playful nature of Pop Art and these collages by Scottish artist Eduardo Paolozzi really brighten the day.LEFT: Eduardo Paolozzi BASH (1971) RIGHT: Eduardo Paolozzi Colour Theory Experiment (1979)

A modern extension was added to the flat in 2016, and the kitchen is the social hub – and a party space! Steph really wanted to make her mark here – and she has. These two prints are from different eras and are different styles, they don't really have any unifying theme other than the green 'splash' of colour in both. But it works! The Gary Hume print was a surprise birthday present from Gary to Steph last year.LEFT: Victor Pasmore Senza Titolo 4 (1989) RIGHT: Gary Hume The Cleric (2000)

It was Steph's clever, playful idea to hang a table over the table... Patrick Caulfield Occasional Table (1972)

...and a window by a window.Patrick Hughes House Guest (1982)

Peter Phillips Pop Art Interior

The perfect print for 8-year old Thom's bedroom, formerly an internal cupboard. Thom loves his new room! Peter Phillips MULTImotorPLIKATION (1975)

Peaceful, subdued hues and abstract shapes in this guest bedroom. The title says it all. Two prints from Robyn Denny's Night Suite (1972)

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