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Patrick Hughes Prints for Sale

Patrick Hughes (born 1937) is a British artist working in London. He taught at Leeds College of Art before becoming an independent artist. Hughes' early works were often playful, putting things back to front or squashing them flat.  In the 1970s Hughes hung his investigations of perception and illusion on the motif of the rainbow in a series of prints and paintings, such as Pile of Rainbows (1973), Prison Rainbow (1973).  He returned to explore the possibilities of reverspective in 1990 and they have been shown in London, New York, Santa Monica, Seoul, Chicago, Munich and Toronto. He was influenced by the surrealistic Lilliput (magazine), comics and the absurdist theatre of Ionesco and N. F. Simpson, as well as the work of Paul Klee and Surrealists, particularly Rene Magritte, Giorgio de Chirico and Marcel Marien
Patrick Hughes