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Alexander James Hamilton Prints for Sale

British artist and photographer Alexander James Hamilton (born1967) produces photographs which are the document of his process involving sculptural installations of huge tanks of water onto which he draws a paintbrush across the surface of the water creating a painterly appearance to shoot light through and affect his subject reflecting a state of depth and chiaroscuro

He left home at fifteen and has deliberately decided not to enter the world of academia so is completely self taught and has apparently relocated his studio to 17 countries

Now located in London, he uses analogue cameras without any post-production. He has only ever produced two editions of 10 hand finished prints and since 2013 has not produced any further editions as he wants each print to be unique challenging perceptions of the reproduction of photography

'The photograph is the only existing record of a far bigger conceptual process produced through his dedication to a renaissance studio practice.' Andrei Tolstoy, (née. Leo Tolstoy), 1956-2016. Professor of Arts, Russian Academy of Arts & President AICA Russia, May 2014

He formed the Distil Ennui Studio in 1990 from which he sells his work. He exhibits internationally and has had major solo exhibitions in Moscow and Siberia.

Alexander James Hamilton