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Damien Hirst Prints for Sale

Damien Hirst (born1965-) trained at Goldsmith School of Art London. In his 2nd year, he organised the infamous exhibition, Freeze, in a disused warehouse in London 1988 and is the most prominent member of the YBA's, a group of artists who rose to fame in the 1990's. Apparently now the richest living artist, his work has dominated the contemporary art scene with his ambitious and challenging artworks, often considering the concept of death as installations, sculpture, paintings, drawings and prints

In tandem with Cheyenne Westphal, now Chairman of Phillips, Hirst controversially staged an entire exhibition directly for auction with 2008's "Beautiful Inside My Head Forever," which collectively totalled £111 million

Hirst was awarded the Turner Prize in 1995 and his contribution to British art over the last two and a half decades was acknowledged in the 2012 major solo retrospective at Tate Modern, London. He lives in Devon and has studios in Gloucester and London

Damien Hirst