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Frank Auerbach Prints for Sale

Frank Auerbach is a leading modern British and international artist. Born to Jewish parents in Germany in 1931 he  experienced a tragic childhood: his parents sensed the terrible events that were developing during the Nazi regime, and made arrangements to get their son out of the country. He arrived in England in 1939, but his parents remained behind and died in the death camps. Frank Auerbach became a British citizen in 1947.

Auerbach decided to become an artist at the age of 16 and attended art classes taught by the painter David Bomberg at Borough Polytechnic which he attended whilst also studying at St Martin’s School of Art and the Royal College of Art. During this time he became friends with Leon Kossoff and their work has been often compared. In 1954 he occupied a studio in Camden Town which had previously been used by Kossoff and he has been based there ever since. Auerbach is often associated with a circle of figurative painters known as the School of London.

Auerbach’s work is often mistaken as expressionism, but it would be more proper to categorize his art as figurative. Like an expressionist, Auerbach’s paintings are not representational, or the visual equivalent of his subjects – which are mostly portraits and city scenes. Rather, he seeks to 'resolve the being' of his subjects out of a 'disordered environment.'

The artist had his first opening in 1956 at the Beaux Arts Gallery in London. His work continued to attract interest among the world art community in the early 1960s. He remains a working artist and major figure today. His reputation as an artist is currently growing, and recent sales of his work have brought surprisingly high prices.

Frank Auerbach