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Tadanori YOKOO Word Image Poster  (1968)

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Original screenprinted poster for the Exhibition 'Word and Image' at the New York Museum of Modern Art in 1968. Printed by Poster Originals Ltd, New York, No.69. Referenced in Yokoo, 546.

Some water damage, most noticeably to 'fraying' at bottom or poster and reverse. Occasional staining elsewhere, with abrasions and bumping at edges. Otherwise very good with strong, vibrant colours. No repairs and not backed. Please contact us if you need more photos

For the Word and Image exhibition Tadanori Yokoo created a poster with no typography to distract the viewer. Using mouths and one large eye he perfectly evokes the concept of 'word' and 'image' He employs the rays of the rising sun, one of his favorite and recurring motifs, but makes the colors red, white and blue for America rather than the usual Japanese red and white

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