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Larry Rivers Prints for Sale

Larry Rivers in an American painter, sculptor and print maker and was born in the Bronx, New York. He served in the US Army Air Corps 1942-3, then after discharge on medical grounds earned his living for some years playing the saxophone. Rivers attended Hans Hofmann's school of painting 1947-8 and afterwards studied art at New York University. Though influenced by the Abstract Expressionists' free brushwork and spontaneous effects of surface, Rivers began to paint figure pictures of his family and friends, or based on compositions by Courbet, David, etc. From 1957, as a precursor of Pop art, he made increasing use of images freely developed from mass-produced designs on cigarette packets, bank notes etc, and from the early 1960s sometimes incorporated cut-out cardboard and wooden forms, electric lights, perspex boxes. Larry Rivers lives in New York
Larry Rivers